Mass Intention – 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 12th November 2023

Published on November 11, 2023

Betty Cody nee Connell, died in the UK

Sheila O’Halloran nee Connell, died in Timolin formerly of Prusselstown

 Ger Kelly, formerly of 65 Pairc Bhride, who died in Lincon, England

Saturday 6pm

Month’s Mind: Tommy Dalton

Anniversaries: Eileen Cleary, Dan & Deirdre Dunne,

James Moore, Thomas Hyland, Philip O’Brien (1st A), Elizabeth & James O’Brien, Declan Cardiff, Pascal Malone (1st A), Mary Mulhall, Christopher Byrne,

Paddy O’Meara (2nd A), Jack Philips (43rd A), Dolly Phillips, Josephine Byrne (5th A), Eileen Prendergast

(24th A), Philomena  O’Keeffe, Johnny Kelly, John Morgan, Pat O’Gorman, Josie Tierney, Cis & Bill Tierney, Kate & Charlie Sourke, Benny Anderson,

Paddy Digan, Pat O’Callaghan (2nd anniv)


Sunday 9am Barrowhouse: Paddy O’Meara (2nd A)


10.30 am:

Anniversaries: Eileen Cleary, Declan Cardiff, Ned & Bridget Fitzgerald, Jack Phillips (43rd A), Dolly Phillips, Christopher Pender, Edward Maher, Sarah & Peter Maher, Patrick Donnelly, Owen Bracken, Tommy, James & Margaret Murphy, Benny Anderson, Paddy

Digan, Pat O’Callaghan (2nd anniv)


12.00 noon:

Birthday Remembrance: Peggy & Michael Doyle

Anniversaries: Eileen Cleary, Rita Dooley nee May, Declan Cardiff, Sean McNamara (10th A), Esther Dooley, Dec. members of Murphy & Dooley families, Dina Byrne, Benny Anderson


Mon. 9.30 am: John Flanagan, John & Ellen Kirwin

Special Intention

Tues. 9.30 am: Margaret Fitzpatrick, Patrick Donnelly, Ann LaCumber


Wednes. 9.30 am: Birthday rem. Elizabeth Moran

Tony & Margaret Doyle, Winifred Aldridge, Declan Cardiff, Christopher Byrne, Jack Phillips (43rd A),

Dolly Phillips


Thur. 9.30 am:  Maeve Batchelor, Maggie Kelly,

Winifred Doolan, Birthday Remembrance: Tommy Donnelly


Friday  9.30 am: Tommy Brophy, Margaret & Tommy Doyle, Margaret Callaghan




Ar Dheis Dé go raibh a n-anam.