Funeral Ministry Team

In the parish of St. Michael’s Church Athy, the Funeral Ministry team consists of  lay men and women, who have been trained in providing support at a time of loss. The team will assist in helping to organise a Christian funeral with the help of the comforting rituals that the Church has to offer the bereaved.

On receiving word of the death of a person from the funeral home, one or two members of the Funeral Ministry Team will visit the bereaved family either on their own or with the priest, deacon or parish pastoral worker.

When the priest and funeral team members meet with you and your family, they are there to offer you support and assist you in whatever way they can in organising your loved ones Funeral Mass. Be assured that from the moment we hear of your loved ones passing we will be praying for them and for their loves ones. They will also bring the Parish Funeral Booklet which contains the Scripture Readings and sample intercessions for the Prayer of the Faithful which will be used during the funeral ceremony. They may discuss the liturgy and help the family make the decisions on choosing the appropriate readings and prayers for the deceased person. Members of the Funeral Ministry Team may be involved in leading some of the prayers at the family home or the funeral home, in the church or at the graveside or crematorium.