Mass Intentions – Easter Sunday 17th April 2022

Published on April 16, 2022

Recently Deceased:
Maura Owens nee Corcoran, Burtown
Alice Hope, Woodstock Lodge
Thomas Shaughnessy, who died in Manchester

Easter Saturday Vigil & Easter Sunday
Easter Day List
All Easter Masses will be offered for the Living and
Deceased for whom we have been asked to pray in the
Parish and Barrowhouse.
Easter Remembrance -Separate List

9 am Barrowhouse:
May & Thomas Gibson, Jimmy & Annie
Kavanagh, Clare & Patrick Daly, Thomas Davis

10.30 am
Easter Remembrance – Separate List

12.00 noon
Easter Remembrance –Separate List

Monday 9.30 am:
Kathleen McHugh, Joyce McHugh, Jimmy
Connell, Betty Watchorn, Michael Connell (1st
A), Martin Brophy, Winnifred Ingrim, Michael &
Roseanna O’Connor, Michael Kavanagh,
Martina McDonald

Tuesday 9.30 am:
Golden Book. (In lieu of 1st Thursday in April )

Wednesday 9.30 am:
Joseph Delahunt, Robert Parry, Chris Byrne,
Anthony O’Sullivan (9th A), Margaret & Donal
Kennedy, Thomas Shaughnessy (Rec. Dec)

Thursday 9.30 am:
Anthony O’Sullivan (9th A),
Michael ‘Mikie’ Dempsey, Mary Dempsey,
Philomena Dempsey, Dec. members of Dempsey
family, George & Mary Robinson, Dec. members
of Robinson family, James & mary Davis, Dec.
members of Davis family
Birthday remembrance: Betty Connell

Friday 9.30 am:
Sr Assumpta Bolger, Kathleen Stewart