Mass Intentions – Sunday 15th January 2023

Published on January 15, 2023

Recently Deceased:
Baby Johanna Connors, Dublin
Terence Holligan, Dominic’s Park

Saturday 6pm
Month’s mind:
Elizabeth `Betty` Wallis
Daniel Patrick Kavanagh, Margaret Kavanagh, Mary
`Polly` Murphy, Jimmy Connolly, Margaret Hogan, Bridget
Moran, Margaret `Maggie` Kelly (11th A), Maisie Scully,
Kitty, Jack & Geraldine Kelly, Aidan Stafford, Patrick
Mahon, Noreen & Des Noonan, Kathleen Carolan, Nancy
Fitzgerald, Nanny Murphy, Pat Tynan (8th A), Paddy &
Kitty Burke, Paddy Kelly (7th A), David Neill (10th A),
May Harris
Birthday Rem: Harry Foley & Kathleen Lynch

9 am Barrowhouse: Michael Fitzgerald

10.30 am:
Jack Redmond, Pamela O’Donovan (2nd A), Bridget & Joe
Byrne, Peter Byrne, Bridget & Des Moylan, Maisie Scully,
Agnes Bergin, Margaret & Joseph Delaney, Kathleen &
Michael Bradley, Michael & Andrew Doogue, Aidan
Stafford, William Carton, Nancy Fitzgerald, Paddy Dunne,
Mary Howe, Michael O’Mara, Mai & Georgie O’Mara, Pat

12.00 noon:
Birthday remembrance:
David Byrne
Jimmy Connolly, Aidan Stafford, James Hickey, John
Hickey, Pat Tynan

Monday 9.30 am: Ellen & Joe Bergin, David & Anne Bach,
William Carton, Donors Intention

Tuesday 9.30 am:
Birthday remembrance: Christopher Doyle
(Anniv:) Margaret & Joseph Delaney, Freddie Farrell,
P.J. Farrell, Paddy Dunne ( Anniv), Dec mem of Dunne

Wednesday 9.30 am: Recently deceased: Peter Friel
Thanksgiving , Special Intention

Thursday 9.30 am: Shelly Kelly (1st A), Special Intention

Friday 9.30 am: Gobrait Cremin, Hannah McSweeney,
Sarah Doyle, Dec. members of Doyle family, Billy
Delahunt (23rd A), Olive Cullen (1st A)