Mass Intentions – Sunday 17th July 2022

Published on July 17, 2022

Recently Deceased:
Jer Mulholland, Ballybeg Hs., Barrowhose
Funeral Mass in St. Mary’, Barrowhouse Monday
at 11 am to Mt. Jerome Crematorium.
Patricia McEvoy. formerly Dun a Rí Apt,
Funeral Mass on Thursday at 11am to Mt. Jerome

Saturday 6pm
Month’s mind:
Bernard Whelan (2nd A), Ken Crowe, Elizabeth
Kavanagh, Tom Reddy (1st A), Hester Scally,
Eddie Tubridy, Paddy `The Gaffer` O’Neill, Dec.
members of O’Neill family, John Carolan, Tommy
Nolan (40th A), Dec. mem of Nolan & Reid
families, Kathleen & Eddie Browne, Mark
Browne, Brian McCormick, Stephen & John
Leonard, Dec. members of Leonard family,
Thomas & Bridget Ayers, Gean Ayers, Brian,
Sheila & Baby Brian Kelly, Willie & Joan Kelly,
Jim Prendergast, Fergus Moore, Jane & Patrick
McLoughlin, Mannix, Kathleen & Bernadette

9 am Barrowhouse:
Frank & Paddy Joe Bowden, Peggy Lawler, Dec.
mem of Lawler & Carroll families, Joseph `Blue`
Mullins, Nicholas Brennan

10.30 am Anniversaries:
Elizabeth Kavanagh, Paddy Robinson (8th A),
Hugh Owens, Esther Scally, John & Chris Creed,
Eddie Tubridy, Paddy `The Gaffer` O’Neill, Dec.
mem of O’Neill family, Tommy Nolan (40th A),
Dec. members of Nolan & Reid families, Mary &
James Geraghty, Jane & Robbie Reid, Dec. mem
of Reid & Foley families, Mannix, Kathleen &
Bernadette Thompson, Bill Tierney, Billy Tierney,
Kate & Charles Sourke,

12.00 noon Anniversaries: Thomas & Elizabeth
Murphy, Tos Quinn (1st A), David Tully, Patrick
Troute, Moyra Kenny, Paul Fleming, Tommy
Nolan (40th A), Dec. mem of Nolan & Reid
families, Kathleen Cullen, Larry Cullen, George
Armstrong, Mannix, Kathleen & Bernadette
Birthday rem: Christina Rode Armour

Monday 9.30 am: Loui Kelly Jnr., Jimmy Delaney
(16th A), Tommy Nolan (40th A), Dec. mem of
Nolan & Reid families, Cathal & Eamon Mulhall

Tuesday 9.30 am:
Special Intention, Tom & Jean Donohue, Kevin &
Eileen Fingleton, Betty & Paddy Brennan, Dec
mem of Brennan & Bambrick Families

Wednesday 9.30 am: Jimmy Kelly, Peter Fitzsimons,
Dec. mem of Fitzsimons family, Clare Daly
Special Intention

Thursday 9.30 am: Bernard Whelan (2nd A),
Bernard Carroll (14th A), Paddy Robinson (8th A),
Liam Hughes (1st A), Special Intention

Friday 9.30 am: Special Intention
Birthday remembrance: Josie Dooley, Angela