The “I” Word

The ‘I’ word!

We know this story well. The most important word in it is ‘I’. Jesus identifies himself with the people he is talking about. He doesn’t say people were in prison and you visited them, or sick or naked. He says I who am in prison, sick or naked. It’s even more than being a brother or sister of Jesus. He identifies with each of us especially in need. Created as we are in the image of God, Jesus sees right through us to see God. God is the divine life of God in each person.

That makes the difference. We don’t help the needy person only because he or she is needy, but because each is in the image of God and Jesus sees him or her and says ‘that’s me.’

This can be a programme for life. For the young – can you make a decision for your life that includes deep care from your love of those in need? For those in their busy lives already and who have chosen their way – how can you show deep care for those in need. For the elderly – can you pray for those in need each day and encourage those more active to care for them?

Did you feed the hungry,
give drink to the thirsty,

welcome the stranger,
care for the sick and
visit the prisoner?

Lord Jesus, may your kingdom come –
The reign of equality, justice, peace and love.

Gospel Reflection courtesy of Catholic Ireland.