St. Michael’s Parish Church

Welcome! While visiting our church we just want to remind you that

– Face masks are not mandatory but strongly advised in the church building
– Hand sanitizing stations remain in place

It is important that we are kept safe and feel comfortable


Sunday 10.30am
12 noon
Mon - Fri 9.30am - preceded by the Rosary at 9am.
Saturday 6.00pm Vigil

The current Parish Church,St. Michael’s (1960’s – )

The current Parish Church, St. Michael’s (above) was built in the 1960’s, to cater for a growing population in the town. It replaced the previous building, also known as St. Michael’s. Please contact the parish office for any enquiries you may have. St. Michael’s is located on the corner of Stanhope St and Stanhope Place on the east bank of the river Barrow. Work commenced on the original Parish Church in 1803 and it served as the Parish Church until September 1960. It was then demolished and replaced by a temporary wooden structure, which in turn was replaced by the current building. The current Church was officially opened in 1964.

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